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Welcome Amplificator™: a pop-up widget tutorial

This tutorial guides you through the process of setting up and optimizing the Welcome Amplificator™ widget. Our goal in this tutorial is to enhance audience engagement, build your email and SMS subscriber lists, and improve audience segmentation for more personalized messaging.

Objectives and Goals

- Build Email and SMS Subscriber Lists: Expand your reach through effective list-building strategies.
- Segment Audience: Achieve better segmentation for personalized communication..
- Increase Website Personalization: Tailor user experiences based on collected data.
- Key Metrics: Focus on widget conversion rate, goal conversion rate, and completion rate.

Widget Creation

The widget creation process is streamlined for ease and efficiency. Follow these steps:

Selecting the Purpose: Choose List Building to set the widget's primary function.
Goal Definition: Opt for Email Addresses with a name field at the Goal step.
Discount Configuration: At the Discount step, select Reveal Coupon and specify your discount code.
List Selection: Depending on your Email Management System (EMS), choose the appropriate list at the List step. (e.g. for ActiveCampaign no list selection is necessary. You will be able to change the email marketing system sync options later.)
Trigger Adjustment: Default triggers for list building are Scroll and Time. Modify these to Scroll to 50% and Time to 6 seconds.
Widget Type: Choose Popup at the Type step.
Template Selection: Pick a template that aligns with your design preferences at the Template step. Note that these templates are customizable.
Naming Your Widget: A suggested naming format is List Building - [Desktop/Landing/New Users] - (v1). This format helps in quickly identifying the widget’s purpose, type, and target audience.

Your widget is now created and ready for further customization.

Designing the Widget

The widget comprises 5 steps and an optional teaser:
- Teaser (Optional)
- Survey
- Email
- Phone
- Standard Discount
- Premium Discount

Step Configuration:
Survey Step:
- Incorporate a motivating text element.
- Add a survey element with a custom field for customer preference insights.
- Set actions for survey responses to lead to the Email step.

Email Step:
- Display your discount offer in the text element.
- Include a form element for first name, email, and marketing consent.
- Set action for the form element to lead to the Phone step

Phone Step (Optional):
- Offer an upgraded discount in the text element.
- Use a form element for phone number collection. Set to to lead to the Premium Discount step.
- Include a button to Skip and proceed to the Standard Discount step.

Standard Discount Step:
- Personalize the thank you message with {visitor.firstName}.
- Display the standard discount code.
- Add a button with action to close the widget

Premium Discount Step:
- Similar structure to the Standard Discount step, but with a premium discount code.

Teaser (Optional):
- A teaser can re-engage visitors who initially declined the offer.

Display Options

Display Options:
Triggers and A/B Testing: Maintain initial trigger settings and add a Variation B with a 12-second time trigger.
Rules – Frequency and Target:
- Stop showing the widget upon conversion.
- Pause the widget for the current session once closed.
- Exclude visitors who are part of the 'Contacts (email and phone)' group.
- Target 'First Time Visitors'.

Your Welcome Amplificator™ widget is now fully configured and ready for launch. Publish it to start engaging with your audience effectively through Personizely!

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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