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Cross-sell Free Shipping Unlocker™: a cross-sell widget tutorial

This tutorial will guide you through setting up the Cross-sell Free Shipping Unlocker™ widget in Personizely. The widget is designed to increase average order value, grow revenue, and boost order completion rates by offering cross-sell opportunities tied to a free shipping incentive.

Objectives and Goals

- Boost Average Order Value: Encourage additional purchases with cross-selling.
- Grow Revenue: Increase overall sales through strategic product placement.
- Enhance Order Completion Rates: Leverage free shipping offers to finalize more purchases.
- Key Metrics: Monitor widget conversion rate, goal conversion rate, and both direct and extra revenue.

Widget Creation Steps

Follow these streamlined steps to create your widget:

Choose Widget Type: Begin by selecting Cross-sell and upsell as your widget category.
Offer Type: Opt for Checkout in this step.
Trigger Products: Identify and select the products that, upon being added to the cart, will activate the widget.
Offered Products: Curate a selection of products you aim to cross-sell.
Discount Configuration: Choose Do Not Use Discount to emphasize the free shipping incentive.
Widget Type: Opt for the Popup style for your widget.
Template Selection: Select a template featuring a vertical layout that matches your store's aesthetics.
Naming Your Widget: Give your widget a descriptive name, such as Cross-Sell Free Shipping Unlocker - [Device/Location/Target Audience] - (v1), for straightforward identification.

Designing the Widget

Configure the widget for an effective cross-sell offer:

Cross-Sell Offer:
- Cart Progress Element: Include a message like “Spend {amount} more to get free shipping to your country”.
- Product Element: Display 3 products, preferably in the $5 to $10 range. (varies based on store and inventory).
- Product Rules (Recommended): Manually set rules based on cart contents for maximum relevance.
- Product Recommendations: Utilize Shopify’s algorithm for automated suggestions, if applicable.
- Static Product Selection: Ideal for smaller stores with limited product range.
- Ensure to exclude products already in the cart for better performance.

Widget Display Options

Finalize your widget with these targeting and display settings:

- Show to visitors whose cart value is less than the specified free shipping amount. (Cart Value filter)
- Target visitors from locations matching the free shipping threshold. (Location filter)
- Proceeding to Checkout
- Pause for the current session once closed.

Your Cross-sell Free Shipping Unlocker™ widget is now fully configured and ready for launch. Publish it to start engaging with your audience effectively through Personizely!

Updated on: 26/12/2023

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