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Cold Visitors Catcher™: an exit intent widget wutorial

This tutorial provides a comprehensive guide on setting up the Cold Visitors Catcher™ widget in Personizely. This widget is strategically designed to minimize cart abandonment, amplify conversion rates and sales, and optionally, to cultivate an email list and categorize your audience.

Objectives and Goals

- Minimize Cart Abandonment: Deploy targeted tactics to captivate visitors before they exit.
- Enhance Conversion Rate and Sales: Boost your sales by turning more visitors into paying customers.
- Email List Building (Optional): Gather emails for subsequent marketing initiatives.
- Audience Segmentation (Optional): Pinpoint customers with a preference for sale items.

The first part of this tutorial focuses on the widget creation process, designed for simplicity and efficiency.

Widget Creation

Follow these streamlined steps for creating your widget:

Purpose Selection: Begin by selecting Cart Abandonment as your primary focus.
Offer Type Configuration: Choose Offer a Discount (Recommended) with a name field.
Coupon Creation: Enter your discount code.
Email Collection Setup: Opt to Ask for Email to Receive Coupon.
List Email Configuration: Choose an appropriate list based on your Email Management System (EMS). For ActiveCampaign users, contacts will be added directly to your ActiveCampaign list. You can modify the email marketing system sync options later.
Action Determination: Set to Reveal the Coupon in the Popup.
Urgency Implementation: Choose to Show a Timer and define the time limit.
Template Customization: Select a template that aligns with your design preferences. Remember, templates are customizable.
Widget Naming: We recommend a naming format like Cold Visitors Catcher - [Device/Location/Target Audience] - (v1) for clarity.

Your widget is now ready for the next steps.

Designing the Widget

The widget comprises two essential steps:

Cart Abandonment Offer:
- Include two text elements - one with a message like "Before you go …" and another detailing the offer ("% Off & Free Shipping").
- Add a timer element to display the remaining time, customizable to match your website’s design.
- Implement a form element with a call-to-action button labeled "Get my % off".

Discount Step:
- Feature a coupon element displaying the discount code.
- Include a text element with a thank you message.
- Add a button element set to close the widget.

Display Options

Triggers and Mobile Fallback: The initial setup includes an Exit Intent trigger, manually adjust it with Back Button as a mobile fallback.
Rules – Target and Frequency:
- Stop once converted
- Pause for current session once closed
- Implement a Cart Items Filter to show the widget to visitors with an empty cart
- Exclude customers who have already completed purchases in the store(order history filter) or are existing contacts, using a combination of order history and fields filters (specifically checking for email addresses).

Congratulations! Your Cold Visitors Catcher™ widget is now fully configured, and ready to be published to start reducing cart abandonment and boosting your online store's engagement and sales.

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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