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Collection Page Offer Matcher™: a bar widget tutorial

This tutorial will guide you through setting up the Collection Page Offer Matcher™ widget in Personizely. This widget is specifically designed to increase Average Order Value (AOV) and promote the discovery of your store's promotions.

Objectives and Goals

- Increase AOV: Encourage higher spending through strategically placed offers.
- Boost Promotion Discovery: Enhance the visibility and accessibility of your promotions.
- Key Metrics: Focus on tracking and increasing AOV.

Section 1: Widget Creation

The widget creation process is optimized for simplicity and effectiveness. Follow these steps:

Selecting the Template: Begin with the Pre-built Template option.
Template Customization: Choose the Announcement template and set it to the Callout type. Select a design that aligns with your brand. Note: Templates are customizable for greater flexibility.
Trigger Configuration: At this stage, choose the Landing as your trigger.
Naming Your Widget: Use a descriptive naming convention like Collection Page Offer Matcher™ - [Device/Location/Audience] - (v1). This format aids in identifying the widget's purpose and audience.

Your widget is now created.

Section 2: Designing the Widget

Announcement Step:
- Implement a Text Element that clearly states your offer, like "Buy one get one free for all coffee machines."

Section 3: Display Options

Set up your widget's display settings:

Trigger and Rules:
- Landing trigger as initially configured.
Rules – Frequency and Page:
- The widget should Stop Showing once closed.
- Set up a Page Rule to display the widget on specific collection pages, using the format /collections/yyy where "yyy" is the collection's handle involved in the promotion.

Congratulations! Your Collection Page Offer Matcher™ widget is now fully configured and ready to be published it on Personizely to start improving your store's AOV and customer engagement effectively!

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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