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Smart Cart Recover™: a cart-abandonment widget tutorial

This tutorial guides you through the process of setting up and optimizing the Smart Cart Recover™ widget in Personizely. Our goal with this widget is to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates and sales.

Objectives and Goals

- Combat Cart Abandonment: Implement strategies to encourage visitors to complete their purchases.
- Increase Conversion Rate and Sales: Transform potential cart abandonments into successful sales.
- Key Metrics: Focus on enhancing the goal conversion rate and boosting revenue.

Widget Creation

The widget creation process is designed to be straightforward and efficient. Follow these steps:

Selecting the Purpose: Start by choosing Cart Abandonment as your widget's main function.
Offer Type Configuration: At this step, opt for Offer a Discount (Recommended) with a name field.
Coupon Setup: Enter your discount code at the Coupon step.
Email Integration: At the Email step, select Just Offer the Coupon.
Action Selection: Choose to Redirect to the Checkout Page at the Action step.
Urgency Addition: Select Show Timer at the Urgency step and specify the time limit.
Template Customization: Choose a template that aligns with your design at the Template step. These templates are customizable.
Naming Your Widget: A recommended naming format is Smart Cart Recover - [Device/Location/Target Audience] - (v1). This helps quickly identify the widget’s purpose, type, and target audience.

Your widget is now created and ready for further customization.

Designing the Widget

The widget consists of a single step:

Cart Abandonment Offer:
- Include a text element with a message like: "Before you go …"
- Add a second text element detailing the Offer: (% Off & Free Shipping).
- Incorporate a Timer element to show the remaining time for the offer.
- Use a Button with custom text: "Checkout with my % off." The action for this button is set to automatically redirect to Checkout with the discount applied.

Display Options

Triggers and Mobile Fallback: The initial setup includes an Exit Intent trigger, manually adjust it with Back Button as a mobile fallback.
Rules – Target and Frequency:
- Stop once converted
- Pause for current session once closed
- Implement a Cart Size Filter to show the widget for carts over a certain amount. (automatically created during the creation steps)
- Exclude customers who have previously made purchases in the store (target with order history filter).

Your Smart Cart Recover™ widget is now fully configured and ready to be published to start reducing cart abandonment and enhancing your sales effectively!

Updated on: 31/01/2024

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