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Smart Collection Retargeter™: a callout widget tutorial

This tutorial will guide you through setting up the Smart Collection Retargeter™ widget in Personizely. Designed to enhance product discovery and gather first-party data on visitor interests, this widget is a powerful tool for increasing engagement and understanding customer preferences.

Objectives and Goals

- Enhance Product Discovery: Improve visitor interaction by showcasing relevant product selections.
- Gather Visitor Data and Interests: Collect essential first-party data to gain insights into visitor preferences.
- Key Metrics: Focus on enhancing the goal conversion rate, conversion rate, and revenue.

Widget Creation

The widget creation process is streamlined for ease and efficiency. Follow these steps:

Selecting the Purpose: Begin by choosing Pre-built template at the first step.
Template Customization: Next, select the Survey template, specifying Callout as the type. Choose a template that resonates with your design ideas. Note: The templates are customizable, so using one will kickstart the design process.
Trigger Configuration: At the Trigger step, select two triggers: Time (7 seconds), and Scroll (30%).
Naming Your Widget: We recommend using the format Smart Collection Retargeter - [Device/Location/Audience] - (v1). This helps quickly identify the widget's purpose, type, trigger, and target audience.

Your widget is now created and ready for further customization.

Designing the Widget

The widget consists of multiple steps:

Survey Step:
- Include text element that states: "Hey, let us know what you’re most interested in!"
- Add a survey element with the following details:

Create a custom field named "Interest" (Type: text).
Include 2 to 5 options corresponding to your store’s collections or product types.
Configure each option to go to a specific collection step(configured below) tailored to each collection.

Collection Steps (Multiple Instances):
Collection X (Example):

Insert a Text Element: "Here’s a selection of products from Collection X you might want to check out."
Add a Product Element: Layout - Vertical, Mode - Static, Cart Action - Go to Product. Showcase 3 products, selecting 2-10 static products from Collection X.
Include a Button linked to the Collection X URL.

Display Options

Triggers and Mobile Fallback: Maintain the Time and Scroll triggers as initially set up. Manually adjust for mobile fallback using the Back Button.
Rules – Target, Page and Frequency:
- Stop showing the widget once converted.
- Pause for the current session once closed.
- Set targeting rules to show the widget to visitors with a cart value over a specific amount (cart value filter) and exclude customers who have previously made purchases. (order history filter)
- Shown on / page rule (homepage)

Your Smart Collection Retargeter™ widget is now fully configured. Launch it on Personizely to begin engaging with new visitors more effectively!

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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