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Cross-sell Maximizator™: a cross-sell widget tutorial

This tutorial is designed to help you set up and optimize the Cross-sell Maximizator™ widget in Personizely. The focus is on increasing average order value, enhancing customer satisfaction, and streamlining the checkout process.

Objectives and Goals

- Boost Average Order Value: Encourage customers to explore and purchase additional products.
- Enhance Customer Satisfaction: Provide relevant product recommendations.
- Streamline Checkout Process: Minimize clicks to checkout for a smoother customer journey.
- Key Metrics: Monitor widget conversion rate, goal conversion rate, and additional revenue generated.

Widget Creation Steps

Follow these streamlined steps to create your widget:

Choose Widget Type: Start by selecting Cross-Sell at the initial step.
Offer Type: At this step, choose Add to Cart.
Trigger Products: Select the products that trigger the widget when added to the cart.
Offered Products: Choose the products you wish to cross-sell.
Discount Configuration: Select Do Not Use Discount.
Widget Type: Choose the Popup type for your widget.
Template Selection: Pick a template with a vertical layout that aligns with your design vision.
Naming Your Widget: Use a descriptive naming format like Cross-Sell Maximizator - [Device/Location/Target Audience] - (v1) for easy identification.

Designing the Widget

The widget consists of a single Cross-Sell offer step:

- Cross-Sell Offer
- Text Element: Use engaging text like "This product goes well with…".
- Product Element: Display selected products from the Offered Products step.
- Product Rules: Fine-tune which products appear based on cart additions. Or use the Recommended products option using Shopify’s algorithm for automated recommendations.
- Optimization: Ensure the product element excludes items already in the cart.

Widget Display Options

Finalize your widget with the following display settings:

- Triggers: Set up the Add to Cart trigger as defined in the creation steps.
- Target: Exclude visitors involved in other promotions, using UTM parameters, referrer, or widget history for filtering. (if applicable)

Congratulations! The Cross-sell Maximizator™ widget is now fully configured and ready for launch. Publish it to start engaging with your audience effectively through Personizely!

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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