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Integrating Personizely with your email service provider

Using Personizely with Popular Email Services

We integrate with a lot of external email service providers. If you're working with one already, you can link your account with Personizely to seamlessly sync new Personizely contacts over to your existing ESP.

If we don’t integrate with the service you use, you have the option of manually exporting your Personizely contacts and importing them as a CSV file to your ESP.

Image walk-through of how to integrate your Email Service Provider:

In your Personizely dashboard, click on the top right-hand on gear:

Personizely - Settings

From the drop-down you're going to click on "Settings":

Personizely- Settings

On the resulting screen, select the option labeled "Integrations":

Personizely - Integrations

Chose email service provider you use and click the "Connect" button, you will then be prompted to enter your login credentials. This will allow Personizely sync with your ESP:

Personizely - Integrations (Connect)

Your ESP is now synced with Personizely. Each campaign will require you to select your synced ESP and the list you'd like your Personizely contacts to be sent to.

Updated on: 26/12/2021

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