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How to Create a Post-Purchase Survey (Shopify)

Implementing a post-purchase survey is an effective way to gather feedback and improve your business operations. By giving your customers a voice, you not only deepen customer engagement but also derive valuable insights that can drive innovation and improvement within your company.

The first thing you need to consider when creating a post-purchase survey is what kind of feedback you want from your customers. Are you looking to gain insights about their user experience, the quality of the product or service they received, or their overall satisfaction? Each type of feedback can provide a different perspective and give you actionable data to improve.

Follow these steps to create a post-purchase survey:

Proceed to the Widgets tab and find the "Create a widget" button, positioned at the upper-right segment of your screen.

Create a Widget

Choose your desired widget creation approach. For efficiency and simplicity, we advise selecting the Pre-built Templates option.

Select the Widget build

Select the widget type that best matches your needs, and opt for a pre-built template that harmonizes with your website's design and functionality.

Select Widget Type

Define the Trigger for your widget. This crucial step dictates the circumstances under which your widget will be made visible to users.

Select Trigger

Designate a name to your widget. We recommend adhering to the following naming structure for coherence and ease of identification: Function - [Device(platform)/Trigger/Target] - (Version).

Naming Structure

Apply the customization options to shape the widget to your exact specifications. Subsequently, create a custom rule to activate the widget display after a purchase. The custom rule must include this page parameter: /*/orders/*, which ensures the widget gets displayed following any purchase activity.

Post-Purchase Page Display Rule

Go to Settings > Website in order to extract the Manual Code which will be necessary in the following step:

Personizely Manual Code

On your Shopify Store, in the Settings > Checkout section, append an additional script to your Checkout page, so the Widget can be displayed after the purchase has been made. The script is the one copied from the previous step

Additional script to Checkout

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the setup process. Your custom Post-Purchase Survey is now seamlessly integrated and visible on your Post-Purchase page.

Updated on: 16/10/2023

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