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How to create an Upsell widget (Wix)

Personizely offers you the perfect way to Upsell your items. Now you can set up a trigger that will react the second an item is added to the cart.

Follow this guide to learn how to set up an Upsell widget for your Wix store:

On the widgets page click on the "Create a widget" button placed on the top-right side of the screen, and then make the presented widget type and template choices:

Create Widget

In the trigger category, select “Adding to cart”:

Select Trigger

Choose “Any product” if you want to apply the trigger for all of your items:

Any Product

Choose “Specific products” if you want to apply the trigger for specific items:

Specific Products

You can add products using the “Select products” drop-down menu, and delete them right under the drop-down:

Edit Product List

Name your widget and proceed to the “Design” window:

Name Widget

Make the initial edits to the widget, and add the details of the item you would like to upsell:

Initial Edits

Add a button, or if there is already one present, click the respective “Edit element” button:

Edit Button

Change the name of your button by clicking directly on the text:

Edit Button Text

In the “Action” drop-down, choose “Go to an url”:

Choose Action

Introduce below the url of the respective product page, and click OK:


Note: You can also choose wether to open the product page in a new tab, or in the same one.

Congratulations, now all the visitors that click the button will be redirected to the indicated product page!

Updated on: 05/04/2022

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