Do you want to show your widgets only on specific pages or show them on all pages except for a select few? It's easy to control this with our page targeting rules.

Follow this guide to learn how to target your widgets to your pages:

On the widgets page, click on the pencil button to edit the widget:

Edit widget

Go to the "Display options" tab:

Display options

On the "Pages" section select "Selected pages":

Selected pages

Use page slugs (the URL path) to determine where your widget should or shouldn’t load on your site:

Page slugs

Note: If you want to show your widget on a pricing page and your URL looks like that, you need to only use /pricing in the "show" input.

You can also use an asterisk to target pages dynamically, like this: /products/*
this will target all pages which start with '/products/'.

Additional note: If you want to only show your widget on the home page, use "/" in the "show" input.
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