To create a thank you message (or display a coupon) after your visitors sign-up to your newsletter, follow these steps.

On the widgets page, find the one you want to change and click the pencil button to edit it:

Edit Widget

Find the steps on the right side of the elements panel, hover over “Step 1” and click on “Clone step”:

Clone step

Now you can easily switch between the steps and make your edits.

In "Step 2" add your message and/or display a coupon:

Edit Step 2

Go back to “Step 1” and click “Edit element” on your subscription form:

Edit subscription form

In “Submit Action” make the following changes so after your visitors hit "Subscribe", it will trigger the second step of the widget: Action - Change step; Step - Step 2

Submit action

Click OK and don't forget to save your changes.
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