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How to trigger a widget to show up on mouse hover

You can configure your widget to be displayed when your visitors mouse over a specific element.


Follow these steps to set up a popup trigger on hover.

First, find the element you need to target. As an example, I'll use our website page and target the "Watch video" element:

Here the trigger element is id “videoDemo”

On the widgets page, find the widget you want to change and click on the pencil to edit widget:

Edit Widget

Go to the "Display options" tab:

Display options

In the “Show on” tab, click the “Enable a trigger” button and choose “Hover” from the drop-down menu:

Show on hover

Introduce the CSS Selectors, for an element with id videoDemo, the selector would be #videoDemo:


You can edit the list of Selectors below the drop-down menu, and you can also introduce a Condition for your trigger. Save your changes at the top-right corner of the screen and you are done:


Now, if you over on the button with id=videoDemo, the popup will display.

Updated on: 23/11/2022

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