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How to activate a teaser for your widget

Follow the steps below to activate and customize a Teaser for any of your widgets.

Choose the widget for which you would like to activate the Teaser, and click the edit button:

Edit Widget

Note: The Teaser can be activated on all types of widgets, except the embedded ones.

On the Steps switcher control, hover over the Teaser step, and click Enable teaser:

Enable Teaser

Congratulations, you activated your Teaser, and now you can make all the necessary customizations.

Choose between the two types of Teasers, The Box:

The Box

and The Tab:

The Tab

You can also choose the positioning of your Teaser, by clicking on the box that corresponds to the placement you want:


Go to the Display tab, and choose the option that works best for your Teaser. You can display it before your widget is triggered, or after it is closed. You can also activate both options, so it is always available to your visitors:

Display Options

Don't forget to save, and you are done!

Updated on: 04/02/2022

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