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How to fix the Shopify Marketing Automation Flow?

This tutorial will guide you through the steps to establish a working marketing automation flow in Shopify, using an alternative trigger when subscription events are not properly captured.

Personizely form automation

To send the visitor input data to Shopify, an automation must be established.

Edit the Form or Subscribe element in your widget
Click on Add in the Automation section from the sidebar menu
Select Shopify where the action should take place in.
Select Add customer as the action type
Optionally add custom tags.

NOTE: The Personizely tag is automatically present.

Personizely form automation

Shopify Automation Flow

The flow provided initiates when a customer is created, checks for a Personizely tag, and sends a marketing email if the condition is met.

Navigate to Marketing => Automations in Shopify admin.
Select Create automation or modify the existing draft.
Use Customer created as a trigger.
Check for Personizely tag
Send the Marketing Email.

Automation example in-draft

By following these steps to fix your Shopify marketing automation flow, you'll ensure that your marketing emails are sent effectively to new customers that are collected via list-building widgets

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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