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Integrate Sendlane to Personizely

Follow the steps below to integrate Sendlane to Personizely:

From your Personizely Dashboard, go to the “Settings” tab:


On the next screen, select the "Integrations" tab:


In the Integrations tab, find Sendlane and click the "Connect" button:

To find your Sendlane API Key, please go to your Sendlane Dashboard, select Account > API, from the left sidebar menu and click on API Token:

Copy the newly generated API Token:

Insert the Sendlane API Key and click Connect:

Next, you specify the Field Mappings. Please note that you can create Custom Fields in the Personizely Dashboard, and update these Field Mappings later on.

Now, in order to add an automation to a Widget to send the visitor input data to Sendlane, edit the Form or the Subscribe widget element:

Select Sendlane, specify the desired Action type (the "Add to list" & "Unsubscribe from list" actions require specifying the list), and then click Save:

Congratulations, you've successfully integrated Sendlane to Personizely and added an automation to send the visitor input data to Sendlane!

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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