Signing up the visitors to Messenger via Personizely gives you an opportunity to have a new sales channel where you could reach out your potential buyers via Messenger. This guide is going to describe how you can sign your visitors up to Messenger via ManyChat.

To start, please follow the next steps:

Log in to Manychat with your facebook account which has been connected to your Facebook Page:

Connect Facebook account

Connect your Facebook Page with ManyChat:

Connect Facebook Page

To reach the ManyChat dashboard, complete the Onboarding process (if you didn't do it earlier):

Manychat Dashboard

Go to the "Growth Tools" page and click on the "New Growth Tool" button to create a new one:

Growth Tools -> New Growth Tool

Select the "Checkbox" from "Other Growth Tools" and go through the settings:

Other Growth Tools -> Checkbox

To make it works you should insert the ManyChat code into your website:

Setup -> Install JavaScript Snippet

Install ManyChat Snippet

Now, all you need to do is to activate the button and copy the value of the data-widget-id from setup and paste this ID to the Button ID section in the Personizely widget builder:

Widget ID

Add Widget ID

Congratulations, you've now set up your ManyChat sync!
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