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Integrate PreProduct to Personizely and offer Pre-Orders

Follow the steps below to integrate PreProduct to Personizely and offer Pre-Orders.

From your Personizely Dashboard, go to the “Settings” tab:


On the next screen, select the "Integrations" tab:


In the Integrations tab, find PreProduct and click the "Enable" button:

Enable PreProduct

Now you can edit an existing Cross-Sell Widget and add the Pre-Order Product in the Rule Set.

Add Pre-Order Product to Cross-Sell

If you do not have an active Cross-Sell Widget, you can create a Cross-Sell Widget that includes a Pre-Order product by following this tutorial :

To display Pre-Order products in the Cross-Sell Widget, change the Cart Action as Pre-Order, after you've added the Pre-order products in the Rule Set in step 4:

Cart Action: Pre-Order

IMPORTANT! If you select the Pre-Order for Cart action, only products that are set up for Pre-Order will be displayed. Standard products (without Selling Plan IDs), which cannot be pre-ordered, won't show up or the widget will not be properly displayed.

Updated on: 16/10/2023

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