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Connect Personizely with GetResponse

If you would like to integrate the GetResponse widget for an easier and more effective workflow, follow the step-by-step guide below.

From your Personizely Dashboard, go to the “Settings” tab:


Go to the “Integrations” tab, where you will see a list of integration:


Find the “GetResponse” widget and click the “Connect” button, placed on the right side:


Here you will be redirected to the “GetResponse” page, where you have to login with your email and password:

Log In

Give authorization to Personizely to access “GetResponse”, by clicking the “Yes” button:

Grant Access

Now your two accounts are connected, and you can come back to the "Integrations" page if you would like to edit it.

Once you activate the widget, you can connect it to a specific list, to which your new subscribers will be added.

Go to the “Widgets” tab and create a new widget. In this case, when you go through all the regular steps, just select the “GetResponse” list you would like to use:

New Widget

If you would like to edit an existing widget, click on the “Edit” button on the right side of the chosen widget:

Edit Existing Widget

Add an email subscription form and click the edit button (pencil) that appears when you hover over it:

Email List

On the left side you will see appear an edit panel, on which you have to click the "Add" button placed under "Automation":

Add Automation

In the appeared window, choose the directory for the action, in this instance “GetResponse”, the "Action type", and the "List" to which you would like the emails to be added, and hit "Save":

Action Details

Click the "OK" button on the bottom of the "Edit" panel and then "Save" at the top right corner of the screen:

OK, now Save

Congratulations, you’ve now set up your GetResponse sync!

Updated on: 02/02/2022

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