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Connect Personizely with ConstantContact

Follow the steps below to integrate your list building widget with ConstantContact.

From your Personizely Dashboard, go to the “Settings” tab:


On the next screen, select the "Integrations" tab:


In the Integrations tab, find ConstantContact and click the "Connect" button:

Connect ConstantContact

You will see on the screen a security permission form from ConstantContact, click “Allow” and your two accounts will be connected:

Allow Connection

Note: If you are already logged into your ConstantContact account in your browser, you will be only asked to allow the connection.
Otherwise, you will be brought to ConstantContact login page where you need to enter your credentials:

Log in Page

Now, you can start adding your contacts directly to any of your ConstantContact lists in just a couple of steps.

From your list of widgets, find the one you would like to link to an existing ConstantContact list, and click the pencil icon to make the proper edits:

Edit Widget

On the widget edit page, click the blue edit pencil that appears when you hover over the subscription box:

Edit Element

Click the “ADD” button that appears on the left side of the screen, which will add an automated action:

Add Automated Action

Make all the required choices from the drop-down menus, including the exact list you would like your new contacts to be transferred to, and click “SAVE”:

Choose the List

Finish by clicking the “OK” and “SAVE” buttons on the lower left and upper right side of the screen.


Congratulations, you have successfully connected your subscription form to your ConstantContact email list!

Updated on: 03/02/2022

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