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How to personalize links and buttons

Making custom changes on your website with Personizely can be fast and easy.

From your Dashboard, go to the "Personalization" tab:

Personalization Tab

Create a new campaign or choose an existing one and click on the edit button, placed on the right side of the screen:

Edit campaign

Add the page you would like to personalize or choose an existing one: (If you are adding a new one, don’t forget to write the correct page URL from your website.)

Edit page

Below the page name, you will see the page “Variations” title and a dropdown menu right below it. In it you will create specific page variation that you can customize, depending on a specific target audience. Create a new variation or choose an existing one: (When you create a new variation, you can set the target audience now or edit it later.)

Page variations

Find the “Go to builder” icon on the right side of the Page Variation title. Click it and it will take you to the customization page:

Go to builder

When you arrive at the customization page, simply click on the button or link you would like to edit, or the little gear at the top that appears when you hover over it: (You can always reset the settings to their original version by clicking the little arrow that appears next to that gear after you make any changes.)

Edit link

Here you can change the URL itself, edit the text on the button, as well as: change the text background color, font size and color, add or change the border settings, spacing, as well as make some advanced edits and HTML injections.

Customization options

Hit the Save button at the top right corner of the page, and press the white slider button right next to it to publish your campaign if you are ready to go live with it:

Don’t forget to save!

Updated on: 04/02/2022

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