Would you like to target visitors who visit your website using specifically one of mobile, tablet, or desktop devices? With Personizely, you can create widgets targeted specifically to certain devices.

On the widgets page, find the widget you want to change and click the pencil button to edit it:

Edit widget

Go to the "Display options" tab:

Display options

In the "Target" section select "Custom target" and click "Create new target":

Create new target

In the tab that opens, enter the name of the target and click on the "Create" button:

Create a target

Click the "Add a filter" button and select "Device":


Select the list of desired devices from the dropdown:

Select a device

Save the target:

Save target

Go back to the widget tab and click "Reload targets":

Reload targets

In the drop-down select your newly created target:

Select target

Don't forget to save your changes.
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