Does Personizely work with Google Tag Manager?
Personizely works well with Google Tag Manager but if you want a better performance of you personalization campaigns we recommend you place it in the head tag of your pages.

How do I export the contacts generated from my widgets?
You can export the contacts per widget (on Widgets -> Menu -> Export) or if you set up an email service integration you could just send the contacts directly to your lists there.

Do I have to do any steps for proper Shopify app uninstallation?
All the functionality will be automatically disabled, but to properly uninstall the app you'll need to follow these instructions:

Delete the app from the Apps page in you Shopify admin panel
Go to Online Store -> Themes -> Current Theme -> Actions -> Select Edit code
Select Layout -> theme.liquid -> Find and remove {% include 'personizely' %} and click Save
Select Snippets -> personizely.liquid -> and click Delete
Select Snippets -> personizely.cart.liquid -> and click Delete
Select Snippets -> personizely.product.liquid -> and click Delete
Select Templates -> cart.personizely.json.liquid -> and click Delete
Select Templates -> product.personizely.json.liquid -> and click Delete
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